Our Mission:



Whatever the goal – creating awareness online and offline, mobilizing a movement, or winning at the Legislature – our team delivers a healthy dose of vision, creativity, and determination to make it happen. 


About Us

Public Blueprint is an Austin, Texas-based public affairs firm specializing in government relations, communications, digital and grassroots advocacy.  Through a combination of deep relationships in and around the Texas Capitol, unrivaled work ethic, and a passion for innovation, we provide our clients with the counsel, planning, and execution necessary to achieve their public policy goals.

We understand the power of advocacy is never more inspirational or impactful than when it is being used to promote a worthy cause.  Let us help you turn awareness into action. 

Proud of Our Client Work

Our team’s experience working with Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, nonprofits, and everything in between means we’re fully equipped to engage, inform, convert and deploy at the strategic level. 


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