The Texas Bullet Train


The Challenge

Thousands of Texans travel between Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth every day. As our population continues to grow, commuters between our state’s two largest metropolitan areas will face infrastructure issues like traffic congestion, random delays and unavoidable construction. To bridge these two economic powerhouses together with fast, safe and reliable transportation, Texas Central--a private company--is bringing a transformational project to the state of Texas: a high-speed bullet train. However, with any major infrastructure project, comes organized opposition. Furthermore, there were numerous misconceptions surrounding the project that threatened its future success.


Our Services Engaged


The Results

A targeted campaign based on the facts was directed towards the legislature, relevant stakeholders, and the general public, which allowed the project to succeed on its own merit. Due to Public Blueprint's efforts in giving supporters of the project an organized voice, the bullet train is poised to become the first of its kind in the United States.