Rodney Ellis

Rodney Ellis - Democrat (Incumbent)

Senator Rodney Ellis was born and raised in Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood. He is a product of the Texas public school system from grade school through law school. Although a financial advisor by trade, his passion is public service. Elected to the Texas Senate in 1990, Senator Ellis has earned praise as a leader on economic development, education, civil rights, budget, responsible environmental policy, tax cuts for the middle class, criminal justice, and workforce development policy.

Senator Ellis believes the role of government is to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity and ability to build a better future for themselves. In education, that means ensuring that children have equal access to a quality education, regardless of where they reside. In the workforce, it means ensuring that workers have a safe workplace, access to affordable health care and a living wage. In criminal justice, that means ensuring that everyone is treated equally by the law and guilt and innocence are not dependent on one’s income, gender, race or ethnicity.

Before joining the Texas Senate, Senator Ellis served three terms on the Houston City Council, and as chief of staff to the late U.S. Congressman Mickey Leland. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University, a master’s degree from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, and a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. Senator Ellis also studied at Xavier University of New Orleans and the London School of Economics.

Rodney Ellis is married to Licia Green-Ellis and has four children.


  • State Affairs — Vice-Chair
  • Business & Commerce
  • Transportation


Cash on Hand: $2,151,567.00

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