Who do you want as your next republican party of texas state chairman?

There is immense interest in the race to become the next Republican Party of Texas State Chairman.  Outgoing Chairman Tom Mechler recently resigned, and two candidates are in the race to replace him: James Dickey (Travis County) and Rick Figueroa (Washington County).  The SREC will elect the next RPT Chairman at their June 3rd, 2017 meeting in Austin.

Cast Your Vote to let your SREC member know who YOU want as our next Republican Party of Texas State Chairman.


Republican Party of Texas Chairmans Race: SREC Vote Count

Public Blueprint has launched this crowdsourced vote count as a public service for interested political observers.  The information on this site has been taken from publicly available information, including social media and the Republican Party of Texas website.  If you think there is inaccurate information, please let us know.

This project will only be successful if crowdsourced from grassroots participants across Texas. Therefore, if you have information as to who an SREC member supports, please email it along with documentation (email, screen shot, social media post, link, etc.) to Jon@PublicBlueprint.com.  When we receive verifiable information that was intended for public consumption pertaining to an SREC member's vote, we will publish it here.

Your SREC Member's contact information can be found here.