An Austin, Texas-based 

Public Affairs Firm.

Public Blueprint is an Austin, Texas-based public affairs firm specializing in government relations, communications, digital and grassroots advocacy.  Through a combination of deep relationships in and around the Texas Capitol, unrivaled work ethic, and a passion for innovation, we provide our clients with the counsel, planning, and execution necessary to achieve their public policy goals.

We understand the power of advocacy is never more inspirational or impactful than when it is being used to promote a worthy cause.  Let us help you turn awareness into action. 



Government Relations

We seek to understand and meet our client’s needs, and that includes continued conversation with Texas’ policymakers. Through one-on-one communication, legislative kits, and maintaining a day-to-day presence at the Capitol, we keep a pulse on the politics of the day. 

Lobbying   •    Strategic Relationships & Advice   •    Policy & Regulatory Expertise   •    Research   •    Risk & Crisis Management

Grassroots Engagement

Through field programs, community and stakeholder mapping strategies, and targeted messaging, our firm engages with people passionate about our clients' issues and assists them in getting their voices heard.

Stakeholder Mapping   •    Influencer Identification    •    Coalition Building   •    Grassroots Organizing   •    Ballot Measures   •    Resolutions


Strategic Communications

Our team provides strategic counsel to better define your policy priorities and objectives, develop crisp messaging that will connect with your target audiences, and produce impactful materials that inform and move public opinion. 

Message Development & Testing   •   Spokesperson Duties   •   Op-Ed & LTE Placement   •   Media Relations   •   Influencer Campaigns

Digital Advocacy

While most digital firms are solely focused on creating conversations or encouraging shares, we believe that in order to see meaningful results, digital advocacy should be more than just an outreach tool or engagement platform.  We build creative content online that will enable offline action in the future.  

Advocacy Tool Management   •   Analytics & Reporting   •   Content Planning   •   Email Marketing   •   Lead Generation   •   Online Media Buying   •   Social Media Management


Creative Services

Design is a key component of almost every deliverable for our clients. Whether it's a monthly report or a push card, we work to have effective visual communication. Our design team creates a seamless process by working directly with printers and website developers to see your project to completion. 

Website Design & Development   •   Graphic Design   •   Branding   •   Social Media & Print Design   •   Video Production