Top 10 Cruz Staffers on Twitter

by Michelle Dziuban February 23, 2016


Engaged social followers are translating into voters, as Cision accurately predicted that both Trump and Bernie Sanders would win the New Hampshire primary and lose the Iowa caucus.

Senator Ted Cruz’s strength has diminished since winning the Iowa Caucus on February 1. His one and only victory can be seen as marginal at best, only retaining 28 percent of the vote to Donald Trump’s 24 percent. Marco Rubio finished third at 23 percent.

Tonight is the Nevada Caucus for the Republican Party, and Trump has the momentum as he is coming off of two clear victories. gives Trump a 64 percent chance to win, Rubio holds a 25 percent chance and Cruz has only a 10 percent chance.

Our data agrees.  Based on a share of voice analysis, of 38,000 social mentions collected between February 15 and February 22, weighted by topics that matter to Nevada voters, we project that Trump is likely to win the Nevada Caucus. He holds 28 percent share of voice, Rubio is hot on Trump’s heels, likely to place second holding 25 percent share of voice. Cruz is in the picture with 20 percent.



On Monday, Cruz fired his communications director Ricky Tyler, for publishing a misleading video which insinuated that Rubio said that the Bible had no answers. This fits the narrative being built by Trump that the Cruz campaign is conducting a dirty tricks campaign.

Should Cruz lose Nevada he’ll need to either make changes to his team or drastic shifts in his messaging to find new voters and engage on an equal plane with Trump and Rubio.

If this shift happens, it will likely be a credit to Cruz’s top staffers on Twitter. They have more followers than Rubio’s staffers but are far behind Trump’s staffers. If Cruz wants to come close, these are the people that will help him thump Trump:

The top staffers and number of followers were pulled on February, 22 2016.

1. Amanda Carpenter, @amandacarpenter

Former Communications Director, 68k followers

2. Saul Anuzis, @sanuzis

Chairman (Michigan), 21.1k followers

3. John Drogin, @JohnDrogin

Former Senate Campaign Manager & State Director, 12.4k followers

4. Spence Rogers, @SpenceRogers

Deputy Director (Iowa), 9,321 followers

5. Ron Nehring, @RonNehring

Chairman (California), 9,142 followers

6. Steve Lonegan, @Lonegan

Chairman (New Jersey), 8,538 followers

7. Jeff Roe, @jeffroe

Campaign Manager, 7,453 followers

8. Alice Stewart, @alicetweet

Senior Communications Advisor, 6,852 followers

9. Jonathon McClellan, @jonmcclellan

Regional Political Director, 5,439 followers

10. Catherine Frazier, @catblackfrazier

National Press Secretary, 5,002 followers