Four Price

Four Price - Republican (Incumbent)

State Representative Four Price is a devoted husband and father, who deeply cares about the future of our state and our nation. Four is passionate about serving the people in the Texas House of Representatives. Four is often described as a problem solver with common-sense conservative principles and a habit for actively listening. Four firmly believes faith, family and free enterprise are the pillars that built our country into the great nation we enjoy today.  Four strongly believes conservative public policies - built upon these pillars - provide the solutions to our challenges, and that is what he advocates for us at the State Capitol.

In 2010, after prayer and reflection with his spouse Karen, Four ran for state representative of Texas House District 87, then comprised of Carson, Moore, Potter and Sherman counties. Four won a hotly contested primary by garnering much enthusiastic support across the district.  That November, the voters gave Four a strong victory when he received 77 percent of the vote. 

Soon after taking the oath of office in the 150-member Texas House of Representatives, the Speaker of the Texas House appointed Four to serve on the House Natural Resources Committee, making him one of the eleven committee members impacting Texas’ water policy.  By his hard work on that committee in authoring bills, passing several water bills into law and through his other legislative work, Four quickly earned a reputation for a being a serious representative. Four takes great pride in carefully studying the issues, reading the bills, listening to all proposed solutions, and voting for the best interest of his constituents.  Four also is known for keeping his word, being unwavering in his principles, and working across the aisle when it makes sense for Texas.  

Senior lawmakers in the Texas Panhandle also recognize Four’s dedication to serving his constituents. Republican Warren Chisum of Pampa said Four has shown himself to be a very bright person who is involved with the issues. Fellow Amarillo Republican John Smithee, Dean of the Panhandle/South Plains delegation, said, "Four has already earned a lot of respect and that is the most important asset you can get from the members." Both senior legislators said that a good number of rookie legislators make what are known as freshman mistakes but as far as they could tell, Four did not make any mistakes as a freshman legislator

The Texas Conservative Coalition and the Texas Association of Business  also recognized Four for his success during his first session. The Texas Conservative Coalition recognized Four as one of the representatives who kept his word in the 2011 Legislative Session by supporting and voting for conservative principles, including balancing the state budget without raising taxes, improving election integrity, and encouraging the free market. Recognizing Four’s commitment to free enterprise, the Texas Association of Business honored Four by naming him a “Fighter for Free Enterprise.”  As a small business owner, Four knows firsthand that it is not people on “Wall Street” but rather the folks on “Main Street” who create jobs and drive economic growth.

In addition to the House Republican Caucus, Four is also member of the following legislative caucuses: Rural Caucus where he serves as a vice chairman, Community College Caucus, Sportsman’s Caucus, and the Veterans Caucus.

In December 2011, Four’s legislative skill was further recognized when he was appointed to serve as one of five state representatives on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. This body makes recommendations regarding whether state agencies, boards and commissions, should continue to exist, and if so, how to make them more cost efficient.  Four is the first freshman legislator to have been appointed to Sunset Commission in many years.  Upon selecting Four to this key leadership role, the Speaker of the Texas House said that he appointed Representative Price because of Price's strong support of transparency and efficiency measures.

Four, as he has been called since childhood, was born Walter T. Price, IV in Amarillo, Texas in 1967.  Four’s Texas Panhandle roots run deep. His great grandfather was a farmer who settled in Carson County in the early 1900’s. Following in his great grandfather’s footsteps, Four, throughout many of his high school and college summers, worked on farms and cattle ranches.  Those experiences solidified his deep respect for Texas’ agriculture and ranching heritage and taught him the value of a hard-earned dollar.  Four is also grateful that his parents instilled within him a character that is built upon valuing life, respecting people regardless of their occupation, and keeping one’s word. Four and Karen take great pride in passing on these values to their children. 

Four and Karen have four children. Two of the children, Brooke and Cody, are studying at Texas public universities, and Abby and Curry attend Amarillo public schools.  The family enjoys spending time together in various church, school, and sports activities.  The family worships at the First Presbyterian Church of Amarillo where Four has served as a deacon. 

Having a heart for service to others, Four serves on the board of directors of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.  Prior to assuming that position in 2010, Four had served on that organization’s Foundation board since 2003.   Cal Farley’s is one of largest privately-funded children’s homes and child-services providers in the nation where at risk children are provided a nurturing, structured environment in group homes with house parents and a supportive community.   Four also presently serves as a director for both the Texas Water Foundation and the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission.  

After graduating from Amarillo’s Tascosa High School, Four continued his education by earning a business degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a law degree with high honors from Saint Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio.  He is a partner in the Amarillo law firm of Irwin, Merritt, Hogue, Price & Carthel, P.C., where he counsels and advises clients on real estate, probate, trust and business matters. 

Four firmly believes in the principles set forth in our United States Constitution and desires to continue to champion life, liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government in the Texas House of Representatives.  Four humbly asks for the continued support and vote of the citizens of Texas House District 87. 

Committees: Appropriations, Calendars, Human Services, Appropriations - S/C on Article II (Chair), Mental Health (Chair), and Health & Human Services Transition (CoChair)


  • Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund (AGFUND)
  • Texas Association of Business (TAB) Business and Commerce Political Action Committee (BAC-PAC)
  • Texas Parent PAC
  • Texas Hospital Association PAC (HOSPAC)
  • Texas Medical Association PAC (TEXPAC)
  • Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) PAC
  • Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) PAC
  • Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) PAC
  • LifePAC
  • Texas Alliance for Life PAC
  • Texas Right to Life PAC
  • Manufacturers PAC of Texas (MPACT)
  • Texas State Rifle Association PAC; received their “A” rating

Cash-on-Hand: $370,076.97

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