Jay Dean

Jay Dean - Republican


As a church altar boy with two paper routes and a lawn mowing business, Jay learned to love God, work hard, and save what you earn. When he grew up, those values led him to start a successful business here in East Texas.

Jay also learned firsthand how high taxes and regulation slow growth and kill jobs. As Mayor of Longview, Jay took every step to slash bloated budgets, keep taxes low, and create good jobs. The results: Forbes named Longview one of the ‘best places for business’ in America.

Jay Dean shares our East Texas conservative values - he will honor the Constitution, protect our gun rights, and make sure we secure the border. Jay and his wife, Pokie, live in Longview where they raised their three girls and helped found their church, St. Matthews.


  • Texans For Lawsuit Reform
  • Texas Association of Business


Cash On Hand: $10,188.84


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