Drew Springer

Drew Springer - Republican (Incumbent)


We talk and complain about what is wrong with government but there comes a time, when to make a difference, you have to stand up. That time for Drew is now. Government has become too large, over burdening our lives with excessive regulations that destroy our freedoms, slow our growth, and drive up the cost of living.

Drew and Lydia have been married for 21 years and feel blessed to live in Muenster, the same small town where Lydia was born and raised. Drew and Lydia are excited that their three children; Austin, Grant, and Katherine get to experience the same small-town values and experience that they each did while growing up. During the time Drew and Lydia were dating, some twenty-three years ago, Lydia was involved in a diving accident and has used a wheelchair since that time. Her ability not to let it slow her down has been a source of strength and inspiration to Drew.

Drew and the family are members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church where Drew serves on the finance council. Drew has shared his faith by attending religious retreats and weekend services at the Gainesville State School youth corrections facility.

Life Experience
Growing up in rural Texas and graduating from Weatherford High School, Drew attended the University of North Texas where he received his accounting degree and played varsity tennis. He spent fifteen years working in Texas for a railcar company where he worked as an accounting, leasing VP, and president of three divisions. Drew has had over 1,000 employees work for him and hundreds of million in sales. He left to join his father’s financial services company where he has specialized in Agricultural managed futures for the last seven years. Drew gives back to the community where he has been a volunteer fireman for six years. His other volunteer activities include: Knights of Columbus events, both Muenster booster clubs, Cub Scouts, coaching high school tennis, guest speaker at UNT Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship, and various other activities.

Conservative Beliefs
In 1984, just a week after turning 18 Drew voted for Ronald Reagan and has supported the conservative agenda ever since. In 2008 he went on a strike force to Colorado in efforts to help McCain versus Obama in a battle ground state. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, including having his CHL permit and a member of the NRA. Drew is a Pro-Life candidate that participates in annual Life Chain events. He believes strongly in the free market and that government is too big with too many regulations.

Committees: Agriculture & Livestock, Local & Consent Calendars, and Ways & Means


  • Texas Right to Life 
  • Texans for Fiscal Responsibility 
  • Conservative Republicans of Texas
  • Young Conservatives of Texas
  • Concerned Women for America
  • Kelly Shackelford of Liberty Institute
  • Cathy Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum
  • Texas Home School Coalition
  • David Barton of Wall Builders
  • Carol Everett – Pro-Life Activist

Cash-on-Hand: $101,728.15

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