Gabriel Nila

Gabriel Nila -Republican

What do you say when people ask you to describe yourself? Do you get all proud and talk about the great things you have done? Do you tell people that you are American born and Texas raised? Do you tell people about your education and how you struggled to earn that degree? How you struggled to make things work as a parent, and a husband. How do you describe everything that identifies you as a person in so few words?

When I am asked to describe myself by friends and people that I have met during the campaign trail, I tell them that I am the father of a wonderful daughter who I raised as a single father for many years, the husband to a wonderful woman who believes that we need new opportunity for our communities, and the stepfather to a beautiful young lady who will see the benefits of what we will work on. I am teacher of at risk youths who need guidance and help in enjoying school and believing that there is more in their future. I am also a supporter of helping dads become stronger.

I have now added a new role. I want to represent you. I have spoken to neighbors and friends who have asked why I am running. I tell them four words: “It’s Time For You.”

It’s time for you to have a Representative to work on ensuring that our school districts keep its money to maximize the benefits to our children. It’s time for you to have a Representative who will work on empowering our parents so they can decide what is best for their children’s education. It’s time for you to have a Representative who will work to provide better opportunity for small businesses so they can compete in Austin and in Travis County. It’s time for you to have a Representative who will fight to decriminalize possession of marijuana and ensure we maximize the medicinal uses. It’s time for you to have a Representative who represent YOU at the Capital and help our district develop community so our communities as a whole can improve.

Cash On Hand: $762.95

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Dawna Dukes

Dawna Dukes - Democrat (Incumbent)

Dawnna Dukes, an eleven-term member of the Texas House of Representatives and a proud third-generation native of District 46, continues to be a respected member of the Appropriations Committee. She remains a strong advocate for art, music, parks, libraries, and the preservation of Texas' rich history as Vice-Chair of the Culture, Recreation and Tourism Committee. In addition, she has served as Chair of the Select Committee on Child Protection; as Chair of the Special Issues Committee on Appropriations; as Vice Chair of the Committee on Ethics; as a member of the Stimulus Subcommittee on Appropriations; on the Joint Task Force on the Use of Sales Tax on Sporting Goods; on the Medicaid Reform Legislative Oversight Committee; on the Business and Industry Committee; and on the Environmental Regulation Committee.


Committees: Vice Chairman-Culture, Recreation and Tourism, Vice Chairman-Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement, Vice Chairmain-Appropriations Sub Committee on Article II, Appropriations

Cash On Hand: $3,505.15

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