Justin Holland

Justin Holland - Republican


As a dynamic city council member, Justin Holland has earned the reputation of being a bold leader for conservative values. In fact, Justin’s strong conservative record led him to being elected as Mayor Pro Tem twice. From growing our economy, to cutting wasteful government spending programs, to improving our city’s bond rating, Justin has fought for policies that benefit our community. With a proven record of leadership, Justin is ready to build on his past success by serving in the Texas House.

Justin met his wife Neely, at Texas Tech in 2005. They have been married for 7 years and have two young daughters.


  • Texas Association of Business


Cash On Hand: $11,871.36


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Karen Jacobs

Karen Jacobs - Democrat


She graduated with highest honors from Georgia Tech in 1983 with a degree in Computer Science and began her career in Texas. Karen has been a resident of Heath, Texas, for over 20 years, raising two daughters in the public schools of Rockwall ISD.  She retired from Raytheon in 2013, having started as a software engineer and risen to the position of Program Director.  Karen is married to Stephen Jacobs, also a former Director at Raytheon, and together they have five children and four grandchildren – all Texans.

Karen Jacobs believes in the importance of public education as the basis for our democracy and the best tool for upward mobility.  Her father ensured that all of his children had a college education, despite the fact that he himself could not afford to attend.  If elected, Karen Jacobs would support quality public education – including affordable college tuition. She is in favor of common sense gun laws that close loopholes in background checks. Karen firmly believes in investing in roads, water and renewable energy to ensure that Texas moves away from its dependence on toll roads, can support its predicted population growth and deal with the local consequences of climate change.

In the past 20 years, Austin has shifted the tax burden from corporations to property taxes, sales taxes, fees and tolls for the average citizen.   She will fight to ensure our taxation is fair for all Texas stakeholders. Overall, she believes we need to restore good old-fashioned common sense to government. 

Endorsements: N/A

Cash On Hand: $4,736.34

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