Michael Shawn Kelly

Michael Shawn Kelly - Democrat

I spent my early years in Washington D.C. (my parents met while working for the FBI). I attended junior high and started high school outside of Chicago, but I finished my last two years here in Houston at Robert E. Lee in Sharpstown.
I attended Texas A&M hoping to play baseball, but the coaches soon let me know how good I wasn’t. After that disappointment, I concentrated on class and received two degrees in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.
I was married right after the first degree, worked for about a year for an architect in Austin, and we returned to A&M while I completed my second degree. I spent the next 35 years in Spring, Texas.
Here, I helped raise a family, started and ran a very successful landscape architectural business, coached my kids’ baseball teams, watched my kids’ soccer games, volunteered at church, counseled at a crisis pregnancy center, hosted the nation’s longest-running landscape architectural radio show, and was constantly amazed at how good people would be if just given the encouragement.
My wife and I have noticed something in the years of running our business - its diversity. From the crew members, office workers and technical staff, to the clients that we have served for 35 years, we all come from diverse backgrounds. And I find it fascinating.
As different as we are, most of us share common goals, desires, and struggles.
Whether its making payments, raising kids, taking care of aging parents, or just hoping we are safe in the mall parking lot, we are very much the same. And it’s through this shared experience as parents, husbands, wives, neighbors, and friends that allows me to see that no matter our race, culture, sex, or economic status, we all want to see a better world, a better community, and better opportunities for our loved ones.
I hope, together, we can make this happen.

Cash on Hand: $106,600.00


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Valoree Swanson

Valoree Swanson - Republican

A sixth-generation Texan and mother of 4, Valoree has always put her family before career.  
So important is family to Valoree, that after years of homeschooling, swim team, baseball, and
other sports with her daughter and son, she and her husband, Vern, adopted two teenage girls.  
Her youngest is still in college. Prior to her full-time vocation as a loving mother and wife, Valoree
worked in commercial real estate, after getting her business degree from Baylor University.  Valoree's
eldest daughter is an attorney on the Ted Cruz presidential campaign, and her son is a petroleum engineer.   

Devout Christians, Valoree and Vern have been members of Woodsedge Community Church for 11 years, where they have served in various ministries. 

Cash on Hand: $4,964.45

Contact Information:
Phone: 832-510-4520

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