Jarvis D. Johnson

Jarvis D. Johnson - Democrat


Over the last two legislative sessions, Texas has reduced funding for education. We rank 46th in the nation in per pupal spending; therefore, I stand by my previous declaration that more students need to be educated.

Economic Development
District 139 is rich in land and that affords us the opportunity to master plan our community for better mixed income housing developments. As we know, business follows rooftops. As businesses begin to fill our communities, they create jobs. As statistics show, in a community where there is a plethora of jobs, the crime rates are significantly lower.

Criminal Justice
As a business owner in District 139, I created Aunt Bea's to allow there to be a second chance for those who may have fallen short and been deemed ill equipped to rejoin society. We as a community and a system have to hold a firmer commitment to rehabilitating the incarcerated population, so that they have a chance when they reenter society. 

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