Dwayne Bohac

Dwayne Bohac - Republican (Incumbent) 


During his time in the Texas Legislature, Dwayne Bohac has focused on improving local quality of life, keeping taxes low, cracking down on illegal immigration, and improving public education.

At the local level, Bohac has worked to improve local flood control measures through the use of retention ponds, given municipalities greater authority to enforce apartment standards, increased local police patrols, passed tougher laws against graffiti, and secured funds for local traffic mobility and esplanade beautification projects.

At the state level, Bohac has led efforts to cap property tax appraisals at 5% or less, increased funding for border security, co-authored the state’s Voter ID law, helped pass stronger pro-life and pro-family legislation, and worked with local teachers and school board members to improve public education and provide fair teacher pay.

In 2012, he received nation recognition for authoring the “Merry Christmas Bill” which allows teachers and students to celebrate Christmas and Hanukah in public schools without fear of litigation.

Bohac currently serves as Vice Chair of the Business and Industry Committee and on the powerful Ways & Means Committee. He is also Vice Chair of the Texas House TEA Party Caucus.

Before being elected to the Legislature, Dwayne was active in the local community having founded “Save Our Neighborhoods/Northwest Coalition,” served on the White Oaks Bayou Association, and been a part of the Spring Branch Revitalization Association.

A lifelong resident of Texas House District 138, Bohac was born in Northwest Houston and now lives in the Spring Branch area and attends Second Baptist Church. He graduated from Scarborough High School and earned Bachelors Degrees in Political Science and Marketing from Texas A&M University.

Cash on Hand: $17,325.82

Contact Information:
Email: campaign@bohac.com

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