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Briscoe Cain- Republican

Briscoe Cain is a proven conservative leader with strong moral convictions always ready to defend Texas and our values from the constant onslaught by progressives against our faith, family, and freedoms.

A lifelong resident of Harris County, Briscoe’s Texas roots run deeper than most. Named Briscoe in honor of a family surname Briscoe, his lineal ancestor, Andrew Briscoe fought in the Texian Army and was a signor of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Briscoe grew up in a working class home in Deer Park. The son of a plant operator and occupational nurse, he was taught the value of hard work and a strong commitment to his community. Briscoe worked his way through college and graduate school where he earned a bachelors from the University of Houston-Downtown and a doctorate of jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law.

Briscoe and B4Briscoe has been a conservative leader since college where he founded the Republican club at UH-D, later founded the first pro-life law student organization in Texas, and was the President of the South Texas chapter of the Federalist Society , a conservative legal organization with notable members like Senator Ted Cruz and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

A Christian with a record of defending the unborn, religious liberty and traditional marriage, Briscoe served as legal counsel for several individuals in the case in which the Houston mayor subpoenaed the sermons of five pastors . In December of 2015, Briscoe successfully defended the the Religious Rights of Beaumont Police Officers when the City of Beaumont banned them from having Bible Study on their lunch break. In November 2015, Briscoe represented the Houston area teacher who was fired for refusing to call a 6-year-old girl a boy. In August of 2015, Briscoe filed an amicus brief on behalf of the U.S. Pastor Council with the Texas Supreme Court.

In addition to his First Amendment advocacy in the courts, Briscoe has advised and worked on legislation for several traditional values groups. Notably, Briscoe worked with Rep. Dwayne Bohac on the Merry Christmas Bill and helped to draft HB 1901 with Rep. Matt Krause, a bill that gives due process rights to the unborn.

Briscoe also serves the State of Texas as First Lieutenant in the Texas State Guard.

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Phone: 832-779-8128

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