Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts - Republican

Kevin Roberts believes in a common sense, practical approach to problem solving while upholding strong, conservative fiscal and social principles. He proudly supports pro-business, pro-family, and pro-life ideas.

Kevin, a fourth generation Texan, was raised by his grandparents in Amarillo.  From them he learned the importance of loyalty, commitment, and hard work. As a 14-year-old, he got his first job delivering prescriptions for a local retail drugstore. Paying his own way through Texas Tech University, he became the first college graduate in his family.

Kevin has spent the majority of his career in executive management and leadership roles. Using his expertise in strategic planning, organizational design, and financial and organizational management, Kevin excels in growing small, local businesses into nationwide enterprises. Through his ability to make tough decisions, he keeps businesses financially stable while fostering their rapid growth. Since 2002, he has worked as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of The Lanier Law Firm, where he guided the expansion of the firm into Los Angeles and New York.

Kevin and his wife, Hollie, have been married for 26 years and have two sons, Josh and Will. Since moving to Houston, they have been active members of Champion Forest Baptist Church, where Kevin serves as a deacon. He also currently works with CFBC pastors and committee leaders to recommend church members for leadership roles. In the past he served as Chairman of the Personnel Committee and taught in the student ministry for many years. Kevin also serves on the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy Council, Grow Northwest Committee, the Economic Development Council, the Klein ISD Career and Technical Education Advisory Council, the Board of Directors for the D. Bradley McWilliams YMCA at Cypress Creek, and a member of the Houston Realty Business Coalition. He previously served on the Northland Christian School Board of Trustees and founded Northland’s nationally recognized debate team. As a volunteer head coach, Kevin taught in the classroom without pay multiple times each week for ten years. Under his leadership, the team won numerous awards, including a state and national championship. He models self-sacrifice and commitment to results for each project he endeavors.

Kevin is a successful businessman. He understands from experience what happens when government overregulates and micromanages businesses, schools, and individuals’ lives. He has demonstrated what is possible when communities are free to creatively solve problems without unnecessary government intervention. With a proven record of wise financial management, Kevin knows how to make hard decisions. He is able to compassionately lead and motivate people with diverse interests to achieve a common goal.  As State Representative for District 126, Kevin Roberts will work tirelessly to protect life, liberty, and justice for all Texans.

Cash on Hand: $0.00


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Joy Dawson-Thomas

Joy Dawson - Thomas - Democrat

 I grew up in the North Houston and Spring community.  I attended elementary, middle and high school in the Spring Independent School District, which is in the district I aspire to serve as State Representative.  I spent several years serving my community as a Police Officer at various police departments. I ultimately made the bold step of applying to the Department of Treasury and was hired as a Customs Inspector in the legacy agency that is now a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  I persevered at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and earned an award for “Academic Honor Graduate” for the highest academic grade in the academy class and “Overall Outstanding Graduate” for the highest combined score in academics, fitness and firearms.
My constant quest to find the culpable needle in a hay stack of criminal activity led me to a Special Agent position with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). I returned to FLETC to train to conduct federal criminal investigations and earned my second fitness award.  I went on to achieve my first indictment in Memphis, Tennessee within six months of graduating the academy.  I went on to conduct investigations of all types of criminal activity including immigration, fraud, identity theft, narcotic interdiction and smuggling, human and sex trafficking, child pornography and many other law enforcement issues that plague our state and my district.
My time as an ICE Agent was interrupted by my discontent with the policy and procedure utilized in prosecuting the cases and the manner in which the detainees were handled. Every case is not the same. I decided the best thing for me to do is try the cases myself, so I resigned to attend law school.
Considering I did not finish college when I was young, I had to re-enter the world of higher education at the under graduate level before attending law school.  I earned a BS in Political Science from the University of Houston- Downtown and a Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law.  I am the owner and managing attorney at The Dawson Thomas Law Group where I focus on criminal defense, estate planning and family law cases.  When I am not practicing law, I enjoy teaching Texas Government and Federal Government at the University of Houston- Downtown and coaching the law students in trial advocacy. I also created an “Attorney for the Day” summer internship program for middle and high school students. One day a week during the summer vacation I allow students to travel with me to court and experience my career from an inside perspective. Observing the fire that ignites inside them is a treat to watch.
My desire to serve my community started with the kids, but doesn’t end there.  Although I believe the historic “No Child Left Behind” initiative has fallen by the wayside and desperately need revamping, I also feel very passionate about judicial reform and elder care.  I know I have the knowledge, experience and work ethic to effect positive change in district 126.

Cash on Hand: $5,000.00

Contact Information:
Phone: 832-342-0659

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