Ina Minjarez

Ina Minajarez - Democrat (Incumbent)

Representative Ina Minjarez was elected to serve the constituents of Texas House District 124 after a quick special election. During her 30 days at the Capitol, Ina accomplished a great deal for hardworking Texas families. Though she couldn’t write legislation, she served as an important swing vote in the House Committees on Transportation and State Affairs, helping block bad bills and pass good ones.

By the end of the 84th Legislative Session, Ina had joint-authored 17 bills, co-authored 45 bills, sponsored or joint-sponsored 8 bills, and the Governor signed 6 of these bills into law.

Ina was born and raised in El Paso, Texas by two hardworking parents with deep roots in social justice. From an early age, Ina and her sister were taught that hard work and education would kick open the doors of opportunity. She was awarded several academic scholarships to attend the University of Notre Dame, where Ina wrote about social justice issues and traveled to serve the underprivileged and the oppressed. She picked crops with migrant workers and interned in the office of an El Paso attorney who helped migrants and refugees file for legal residency.

After graduation, Ina attended St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio. During her studies, Ina interned with the Bexar County Criminal District Court Administration. Ina has had a successful career prosecuting defendants charged with crimes against children. Later, Ina opened her private practice, and represented children who were victims of abuse and neglect in Child Protective Service cases. Ina has also represented workers in employment law disputes and on-the-job injuries.

In her free time, Ina enjoys running marathons and spending time with her fiancé, Leo, and their two dogs, Pinot and Pepe.

Cash on Hand: $48,578.10

Contact Information:
Phone: 210-687-4265

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