Jack Blackshear

Jack Blackshear - Democrat

Jack Blackshear is the Democratic candidate for State Representative of House District 112, a district that has been in Republican hands for far too long. Born and raised in Texas, Jack was born in Paris, Texas, a sleepy town in the NE of the Lone Star State.

After his father had returned from serving in the Army during WWII, the family moved to Dallas where Jack’s dad died in a tragic car accident in 1950. At the tender age of nine, Jack learned that live is not always fair, but everybody pitched in, and Jack did his part supporting the family by selling doughnuts from door-to-door. Later, Jack’s mother re-married, JF Lucky, a Navy war veteran.

In 1959, Jack graduated from Brian Adams High School, in Dallas, Texas. That same year, Cupid’s arrow struck Jack’s heart when he met Judy Shilling. They married in 1960, have two children, and celebrated their 56th anniversary in 2016.

Commemorating both his fathers, Jack joined the Navy and honorably served six years before switching to the Army from which he retired after twenty-one years of service as a Sergeant Major.

Jack returned to Garland, Texas in 1988 and founded B&B Lighting Incorporate, which he owned and operated successfully until 2010. No longer an active-duty-soldier or a government contractor, Jack was able to delve into local politics.

He became involved in Wendy Davis’ campaign for Governor of Texas, became a Deputy Voter Registrar, an Election Judge and, in 2014, was confirmed as the Chair of Precinct 1702 in Garland, Texas. 2015, Jack accepted the presidency of the Garland Area Democratic Club.

As State Representative of House District 112, Jack will advocate for the rights of his constituents. He believes in equal pay for equal work, living wages, improving veterans’ benefits, LGBT rights, and term limits for elected officials among other issues.

Decades of military service, Jack’s time as a business owner and political advocate have endowed him with the leadership skills necessary to take the fight to Austin. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are not just hollow words for Jack Blackshear, but he lives by them – Help Jack Blackshear to win this election. Your generous donations are desperately needed to fix House District 112.

Cash on Hand: $1,005.30

Contact Information:
Email: support@ruck.us
Phone: (260) 782-5087

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Angie Chen Button

Angie Chen - Republican (Incumbent)


Republican Rep. Angie Chen Button is serving her 4th term as State Representative for District 112. She promotes job creation and free markets by chairing the Economic and Small Business Development Committee. During the recent legislative session, Angie authored HB 26 reforming economic development incentive programs to provide oversight and performance metrics.  She also served on the Ways and Means Committee which provided nearly $3.9B in tax reductions, and enjoyed honoring Texans in the Rules and Resolutions Committee.
Outside of legislative service, Angie  worked for Texas Instruments (TI) after graduating from UT Dallas (UTD) with a Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences degree. She is a CPA, and enjoyed serving on the DART Board and in many civic leadership positions.

Cash on Hand: $489,716.13

Contact Information:
Email: angiechenbutton112@gmail.com
Phone: (972)763-5869


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